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  • Garage Electrics Part 2 - Lighting & Power!

    Garage Electrics Part 2 - Lighting & Power! - Quality Electrician, Birkenshaw

    In part two I am installing a the conduit, sockets and lights to a new Pre-fab garage.

    If you haven't seen part 1 already you can find it here.

    What did it involve?

    Using white plastic conduit, I installed metal clad sockets, switches and light fittings. Wired in twin and earth for this job.

    Everything turned out great and I was really really happy with the outcome, plus the customer left me a cracking review!

  • Chasing Out an Electrical Socket

    Chasing Out an Electrical Socket - Quality Electrician, Birkenshaw

    How long does it take me to chop out a socket box for a double socket?

    Am I slow, average or fast?

    I've skipped the set-up for the kit as that would take quite a while!

    I usually use 35mm back box's just to future proof an installation for flat plate accessories, and when using the chasing machine there isn't much difference between the two.

    I use a 70mm Chisel in the SDS drill which is perfect coupled with the extra hand attachment which I love and use ALOT!

    Does your house need new sockets??

    Call me on 01274 358444

  • Garage Power Supply Part One

    Garage Power Supply Part One

    In this video I am installing a new Power supply to a new Pre-fab garage. Part two will be the sockets, conduit and lighting installation!

    What did it involve?

    We installed a new power supply from an existing fuse board, clipped externally using some super linian fire clips.

    We added a new fuse-board ready for part two of the installation.

    As usual, we used our go-to Hager fuse-board, this was another job I absolutely loved, and I was very happy with the outcome. My client even boarded the garage for me!

  • Garage Electrical Installation

    Quality Electrician Birkenshaw -

    A full install of garage electrics.

    Quite a bit going on with this one, and tried to keep the video as short as possible.

    The existing supply was already in the garage, which was supplied by a metal conduit and single insulated cables. I pre-tested this and checked the bonding on a visit a couple of days before just so that I knew all was ok.

    The conduit for the new consumer unit was a little tricky to get right, but once that was in we were ready for the main install.

  • Fuseboard Replacement

    Fuseboard Replacement by Quality Electrician

    A very quick overview of our fuse board replacements, with a timelapse of the installation.