From fault finding to new build installations, quality electrician has it covered.

We carry out a large variety of domestic electrical work, including rewiring, fuse board replacements, and electrical checks. To top it off, we can issue a building control notice when required.

Reducing the planets carbon footprint is a top priority. We believe that installing electric vehicle chargers, heat pumps, and smart technology is a step in the right direction.

Full and Part Rewires

When you have frequent issues with your electrical installation, it may be time for a full or partial rewire. We will advise you on the best course of action once we have assessed your property.

Fuse Board Replacement

There are many reasons why a fuse board should be replaced. You might be concerned about your safety, or it's no longer fit for the purpose. Whatever the case, we are here to help you make the right decision.

Inspection and Testing

Whether it's a certification for new buildings or condition reports for older installations, rest assured we have the expertise to provide you with the full scope of electrical certification, whatever your needs.

External Power and Lighting

From a security light on your driveway to illuminating your garden masterpiece, we can provide and install a large selection of lighting solutions and power supplies to the darkest corners of your garden.

Landlord Electrical Services

Providing electrical safety inspections and emergency repairs. New government regulations now state that an electrical installation condition report must be carried out every five years on rented properties.

New Build Properties

Complete design, installation, and certification are available for housing estates or bespoke one-off homes built to your specifications. All conforming to the latest electrical wiring regulations.


Getting the lighting right at your property is paramount, and we can advise what lighting works best for you. Colour tones can also play a big part in setting the right mood for your property and helping you to relax when you get home.

Smoke Alarms

Wired smoke alarms in your property are a must-have for keeping your loved ones safe. When connected via interlink, these units will talk to each other when in fire mode. This means that when one goes off, they all go off.

LED Strip Lighting

This is one of our most popular choices for properties. LED strip lighting looks fantastic in kitchens, shelving, and gardens when installed correctly. All our LED is installed to last with its 5-year warranty.

Additional Plug Sockets

Plug adaptors and extension leads draped across your floors are accidents waiting to happen. Installing additional plug sockets in the right places can declutter and remove trailing leads and fire hazards.

Bonding Conductor

Installation Bonding conductors for your incoming services(usually gas and water) are one of the most basic electrical components to your installation. Without these, you do not have a safe electrical installation.

Fault Finding

Fishy smells, crackling sounds, flickering lights or complete loss of power are usually telltale signs that something is wrong in your electrical installation. Faults can cause fires if left unchecked.

Extract Fans

Having the correct extract fan in your bathroom and kitchen is key to ridding your property of condensation and mould build up. Your fan may be spinning, but is it suitable for the location and removing moisture?

Socket and Switch Replacements

Flat plate, screwless and decorative fronts replace your dull, worn-out white sockets and switches. This is an easy, mess-free way to change your home décor and jazz things up a bit.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is excellent for preventing falls from poorly lit driveways on those dark winter nights. With a significant increase in burglaries and car theft it can be a cost-effective way to deter people at night.

Underfloor Heating

Looking for alternative ways to heat your home without the use of radiators? Underfloor heating can be a great alternative with plenty of thermostats and mats to choose from to suit your property.

USB Socket Replacement

Too many unsightly chargers and just not enough plug sockets? USB sockets can be an easy and cheap addition without the mess of adding additional sockets to your property. Both USB C and A types are available.

Air Conditioning Supplies

Too hot in those summer months and having air conditioning installed? The units themselves will most likely need a dedicated power supply. We can provide this with an isolator to suit the AC unit.

Driveway Lighting

Having a new driveway installed? Don't forget about the lighting before it's too late. Uplighters and LED strip lighting can be an excellent addition. They can guide you down the drive, as well as highlight features.

Heating Controls

New thermostats and heating controls can save money and be more energy-efficient. We install controllers for most types of heating systems, including combination and heat only boilers.

Electric Heating Systems

Known as the economical option as things are now moving away from natural gas heating. Most electric radiators come with Wi-Fi enabled intelligent thermostats to heat each room individually.

PIV (Positive Input Ventilation)

These units aid with poor ventilation in a property. They prevent condensation and mould build-up through the day and night. Some units can also help air quality in the property if you live in busy areas.

Electrical Installation Condition Reporting

Want to know if your property has a safe electrical installation? Having significant work carried out? An EICR is a great way to determine if your property is safe for continued use and will highlight any faults and issues.

Industrial Style Metal Conduit Installation

Conduit systems in the home are a great addition to a brick built property and feature walls. They are also great for protecting cables in areas where damage is likely to occur, like a garage or workshop.

Hot Tubs

Jumping into a hot tub and watching the stars on a clear night sky. It sounds like you are living the dream. It would be even better to know that your Hot tub has been wired correctly and is electrically safe.

Smart Doorbells

Having video capability is now a must in properties. You can see and speak to anybody at the door if away from home. It also has a safety aspect at night to deter people from hanging around your property.

Install of Additional Circuits

Adding new equipment or refurbishment work could mean that you don't have the right power supplies to suit the latest additions or equipment. Cable type is also a consideration to make depending on the environment.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging is becoming one of the fasting growing sectors in the UK. With electric vehicles advancing at lightning speeds. We can install all charger brands in domestic and commercial properties.

Smart Home

Lightwave RF equipment can make your electrical installation smart. Features included are intelligent dimming, magic switch creation, app controls and heating integration. Load monitoring can also help you save energy.