Offices, bars, schools, shops you name it we can design, build and certify it.

With over ten years of experience in commercial work, we have the knowledge and skill to provide your company with a safe working environment for your staff and the general public.

Cable Management Systems

We install a wide variety of cable management systems - from plastic mini trunking to Ladder Rack. We specialise in industrial style containment systems such as trunking and galvanised conduit for bars and the like.

LED Lighting Refurbishment

Is your shop looking dated? Are your office electricity bills through the roof? Are your staff members getting headaches due to inadequate lighting? Then maybe a LED refurb is what your workspace needs.

Power and Lighting Installation

Commercial power and lighting come in various types and sizes to suit many environments, from workshops to offices. Having them installed by a competent electrician is vital to keep the public and employees safe.

Electrical Maintenance Services

Breakdowns and power outages for your business can be very costly. Having a quality electrician to hand for emergency repair work is vital for any thriving business to avoid unacceptable downtime.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging is becoming one of the fasting growing sectors in the UK. With electric vehicles advancing at lighting speeds. We can install all charger brands in domestic and commercial properties.

Emergency Lighting

This keeps your employees and the general public safe in the event of a power cut and will lead people to an emergency exit and out to safety in dark areas. This is a must-have installation for all commercial properties.

Lighting Specification and Upgrades

Complete lighting design to suit the layout of your premises is available free of charge. This can offer energy-saving lighting controls and correct lighting levels for staff to prevent eye strain or headaches.

Sub-Main Installation

Adding to existing installations can sometimes mean that the power supply is inadequate for the work required. New sub mains are sometimes needed to meet any future requirements of an installation.

Mains and Sub-Main Distribution Boards

Large commercial distribution boards are supplied from even larger distribution boards otherwise known as panel boards. Major building works can lead to these being extended or replaced with more modern equivalents.

Cable Jointing

Replacing cables due to damage or equipment relocation can be costly and impractical. Cable jointing solves this issue by helping you repair or extend a circuit to suit new locations.

Additional Plug Sockets

Plug adaptors and extension leads draped across your floors are accidents waiting to happen. Installing additional plug sockets in the right places can declutter and remove trailing leads and fire hazards.

Bonding Conductor Installation

Bonding conductors for your incoming services(usually gas and water) are one of the most basic electrical components to your installation. Without these, you do not have a safe electrical installation.

Fault Finding

Fishy smells, crackling sounds, flickering lights or complete loss of power are usually telltale signs that something is wrong in your electrical installation. Faults can cause fires if left unchecked.

Air Conditioning Supplies

Too hot in those summer months and having air conditioning installed? The units themselves will most likely need a dedicated power supply. We can provide this with an isolator to suit the AC unit.

Electrical Installation Condition Reporting

Want to know if your property has a safe electrical installation? Having significant work carried out? An EICR is a great way to determine if your property is safe for continued use and will highlight any faults and issues.

Conduit Installation

Conduit systems in the home are a great addition to a brick built property and feature walls. They are also great for protecting cables in areas where damage is likely to occur, like a garage or workshop.

Install of Additional Circuits

Adding new equipment or refurbishment work could mean that you don't have the right power supplies to suit the latest additions or equipment. Cable type is also a consideration to make depending on the environment.

Nurse Call System

These systems are bespoke to each client’s requirements. We design, install and program to suit each installation. These systems are usually found in hospitals, care homes and doctors surgeries.

Smart Electrical

Lightwave RF equipment can make your electrical installation smart. Features included are intelligent dimming, magic switch creation, app controls and heating integration. Load monitoring can also help you save energy.